Seriously Smoke Free
YP! is a smoke-free provider both on and off the clock. You can rest assured that your dog will not be a second hand smoker anywhere in our care. That includes in the car, at the park and even at home for our sleepovers. YP! strongly believes in providing a smoke-free environment.
Daily PlayGroups!
Your dog deserves both the exercise, love & structured daily routine he/she needs. Both your dog and you will appreciate the reliable and quality care we provide. Never have we met a dog that hasn't benefited from a YP! PlayGroup

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Summer Lux for the Pups...
Detailed itineraries to dog friendly places such as the hills of Woodside, Stinson Beach, Santa Cruz and even Carmel & Big Sur!  These affordable & luxurious weekend excursions are a great way to come home to a tired, happy and spoiled pup. Stay tuned for our first 2014 Field Trip
YeeePaw! is proud to boast that after 5 years of managing thousands of playgroups, we have NEVER had a major incident! No need to knock on wood either. We are confident why and its all about being engaged with the pups fully as well as having a preventative approach. Hows that for piece of mind?  Apply Today!